Inktober 2019 All The Videos

Did you miss my posts every day on Instagram? Not on Instagram? No problem! I've created a playlist of all my videos on YouTube so rest assured and sit back and enjoy these 30 videos! (Don't worry, they're only a minute each!) Music by Nick Taylor: @Solar Escape.

Inktober 2019

I have officially participated this year on Instagram for Inktober 2019 (#inktober2019)! In years past, I've attempted, or just pined over other artists with the self discipline of impressive qualities I felt I did not possess. However, this year, I possess them and can now proudly say I have self discipline.
Two handfuls of postcards drawn each day in October: 31 in total!
I have created a new Ko-fi account too with the idea that I might send them out as postcards OR you can just tip me $$$ freely because you love me. AND OR EEK...perhaps an Etsy store??? I cannot make up my mind... Too many accounts! I just want to make art. Where's my assistant?! What to do with all these? This is stress inducing. So hit me up if you are interested :)

Four drawings I did while on vacation at my parents home in Oregon.

Sunday Sketches: feat. Paul’s Pencil

I received a pencil in the mail the other day from Pauls Components. They sent me to a funny video about how to sharpen the pencil and why using a carpenters pencil is beneficial to a normal one. I thought it would be fun to feature it in my on-going Sunday Sketches timelapse videos. I used clay to form a look alike pencil and it took off from there, ending with a realistic sketch of the pencil in my sketchbook. I hope you enjoy.

Bluester Turnaround

I'm gearing up to film the scenes for my current claymation project featuring these lovely, armless cute-butt monsters. Pardon the dust, as this isn't a final by any means. But stay tuned. Check out my Patreon (link above) for more behind0the-scenes looks or support me there if you would like to be a part of it all.

Questions You Might Have

Loriesque Studio

I created this story/page -using a new page creator through Adobe Spark- with a myriad of Q&A's detailing what I am currently working on, how you can see what it looks like, where I post online, and how you can be a part of it. It's essentially an all encompassing page of my online presence. If I was feeling overwhelmed, I can imagine you wondering where the heck I post what's new, if you aren't seeing it.
So, Spark really made this happen. This isn't a comercial for Spark, I swear, but I was about to whip out some old css skills and hack together an html page and upload it to my domain, which would've been fine, but taken longer to jimmy-rig, plus I wanted one of those new drag and drop amazing looking web design in seconds thingy-mo-bobs.
Long story/short: check it out!

Fetch in Stopmotion

My upcoming film will launch soon
-----------PROJECT UPDATE-----------
Due to having grander ideas than my abilities warrant, this project is currently on hold. Don't worry, I still intend on making it. I just may need a little help :) Please see the Monsters series being posted on all social media! And please consider joining my Patreon.

I am currently working on a stop-motion film I hope to come out in October, ready for halloween. I've had this story on my mind for almost two years now, but hadn't had the ending just right. I enlisted some storyline help on a cool site utilizing trade as a resource, instead of monetary gain: The story is in it's final stages as well as the set.

Also, this is the first time I'll be actually storyboarding an animated short. It's a great way to outline the look and point of view and I feel like I can tackle different parts, rather than all at once, then piece it together.

The story behind Colton the dog, is funny, because it is based off of a couple dogs, one namely being my brother's german shepherd, Cash and another actually named Colton at an animal shelter that I fell in love with but was unable to adopt because someone else got to him first. I hope he has a happy family, and here he is in clay as a tribute. My own little clay made dog.

That's the backstory on my creativity. I learned as an artist to create what I know. As a starting point, my life and my experiences will always influence what I want to say, and I can build off of that from there. It's a simple concept, yet often I forget when I want to get grandiose. Beginning at the heart of myself and branching out is completely the way to go.

Another theme I notice in my work is the social media and smart phone etiquette and usage in my daily life. How it affects myself and others around me, these little glowing screens we carry around with our lives inside. I like to explore the idea that it consumes us, and everything around us, and how great it is to stop and look around once in a while.

Stay tuned and keep up to date in my project behind the scenes on my Patreon page. The minimum patronage pledge starts at only $1 per video, which gets you access to beind-the-scenes action and project updates. Pledge a little more and you'll receive swag in the mail: stickers, printed coasters, bookmarks, art prints and in the future I'll even add figurines of my puppets you can collect. But you won't know unless you join!

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Self Portrait in Clay

My latest video is on You Tube. This began with just a lump of clay and me filming a time-lapse of my processes which then became a self portrait in clay. I had my friend Nick Taylor of 11:11 Productions write the music, which turned out awesome. Stay tuned for some more collaborations. They're sure to get better and better. And as always if you want to support this stop-motion business I am starting as well as get some behind-the-scenes action and swag for becoming a part of my community, head over to the new Patreon.

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My First Short Video

Skelfie by Loriesque Studio

Skelfie is a super short video I made for some good ol' practice in producing a finished video with all the bells and whistles. 

I used my most recent puppet and a prop and just started filming some scenes to cut together. I added sound effects and composited the cellphone screen and even mixed that beautiful song myself. 
My process is coming along nicely and I enjoy learning new programs and figuring out innovative ways to solve problems using what I have on hand. Stop-motion is like making art in slow motion; building characters piece by piece, tinkering with tiny little parts of scenes, and adding tons of sound effects. 

I'll be posting all my videos on YouTube, follow me so you don't miss out. 
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