Loriesque Studio is on Patreon

BIG NEWS! I just joined Patreon and I am launching my Patreon page, officially.
In case you are wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to my stop-motion animation projects and get super cool rewards in return! I even made a special video describing this very process: Go to patreon.com/loriesque_studio to see it and follow me and become a patron!
Colton the dog loves Patreon

Cats...Cats...Cats...For sale!

I am making only cat-themed tees over at Design By Humans. Why? Cuz, I wanna. I needed a theme, but I didn't want to be to confined; needed to let all my styled loose. I have a big list of cats to check off. Let's aim for 500. So many cats! Everyone loves cats. Help me feed my own cat. Buy some cats.

Buy Some CAT-shirts

I've finally started a Design by Hümans store! I know I make t-shirts all day anyway, but you never really get to see what I do unless you follow my Tees in the Wild on Pinterest. I decided to go along with a theme to have motivation and crank out some tees people may want to buy. Theme: CATS. Because you love cats, right? So go buy a cat tee that you KNOW I drew. Support your fav artists!
-Bonus: You can also get cat art prints or cat phone cases. 
Shop now! http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Loriesque/

Boys and Girls Club Mural: Finished

This is the mural I designed that Fifth Sun donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, Ca. We are the mural artists of Fifth Sun: Jed Speer, Karen Reidler, Jay Butel, Darrell Evans, Jeremy Taylor, Dawn Branthaver and her daughter Sierra, Amanda Robinson, and Erik Vikner. I got to paint with these amazing artist coworkers. We started painting the mural in November with a finish date of early December for the holiday party, but the rains came and life and stuff, but finally, halfway through February, we're declaring it done!

At the beginning, a few artists met with the kids at Boys and Girls Club and they described their ideas: night to day, silhouettes, and words to incorporate in the tree. My concept was chosen for the final mural. Paint was donated by Sherwin Williams. To paint this big mural we gridded out every 8 feet or so, but in the end actually just mostly freehanded it. I had a blast and fulfilled a resolution to paint a mural in town. Maybe there might be more in the works.

Here are some in progress shots in the Chico ER during the week of 21-7-2015 This one, this one, and pictures 39-54.

Final Day of Painting Saturday, Feb 13th, 2016

Album Cover Design

What's been going on in my world? As my freelance projects expand and go to print, I can show you! Most recently, I designed this lovely album cover for Naomi Jackson. It definitely looks best in print with a cover and inside lyrics and even the sticker on the CD. You can get a sample of her music here.

First Place in High School

Cleaning out my studio today and came across old high school art. I got first place in the state fair for this little beauty. I remember the project was surrealism and it's all done in colored pencil. I'm kind of impressed at my high school self. 


CYBER MONDAY deal! For cyber Monday I'm offering a Robot with a flower! (Technically you could order this in the custom pillow section, but it helps to really see a product) The first order gets the grey pillow pictured. Subsequent orders will be painted as usual per order! If you cant a different kind of robot, please order through the custom item and add notes in check out.
Grey Throw Pillow (Cover only) $30.00 -Loriesque Studio

Do You Want This For Christmas?

I decided to offer some unique LORIESQUE gifts this year. And after painting myself a set of pillow cases for my couch I thought I'd offer the same gift idea to you! Currently, I'm going to offer 8 colors. It might backfire when I get my pillow cases in and I run out of inventory or something, but please be patient. I am literally going to paint each one, so don't order like, more than 4 at a time.

I estimate I can ship them by December 1st or 5th to get them to you by Christmas. If not, Happy New Year Gift!

Some cool options: Different color cases, Red, orange, lime green, beige and grey.
White paint for an inverse look: Royal blue and black only.
And White pillow cases with different colored trees.
And the SURPRISE option: Pick a theme, fantasy creature, animal, face, insect, monster, or REALLY MAKE IT A SURPRISE. You won't know until you open it on Christmas. A true gift.

Merry Holiday!

Anyone Want a UNICORN Skateboard?

WOOT! My unicorn skateboard just printed at Skate XS. YAY! Get your kid a kick ass skateboard with a sweet unicorn drawn by yours truly today!  See it here: SkateXS
Unicorn Design by Loriesque Studio for client: Skate XS