Finally February Show Art Posted!

Why did it take so long? But I have finally posted the art that was sold (or not) from my February Show. Go Here to have a look-see. It only took a month of avoiding my slow computer, before I cracked down and made the effort. Perhaps a couple more painting sales could help me purchase a new computer? I'll have to get painting again!
News this month: I'm featured in the CN&R as the artist for the cover series of the Cammies- Chico Area Music Awards. All five covers come together as a complete poster at the end. I'll post once I have those images.
Also, I'm conquering my Great List of friends and acquaintances who want art from me. My goal is set for Mid to the end of Summer to finish the List. Number one (and most important!) is my dear Stacey P. who has been waiting ever so patiently for those cute illustrations for her book. THAT, will be first and foremost.
I will post news as I go.
Thanks for stopping by,