Sugar Bugz...They Live on Your Teeth

The Book is Here.
In 2009 I began illustrating a book for my friend Stacy Piper. Drum roll... In final book form I present: Sugar Bugz: They Live on Your Teeth, written by Stacy Piper and illustrated by yours truly, Lori Escobar. The book is about brushing your teeth and keeping those tricky little sugar bugz away! It comes with stickers for the kids to calendar when they brush every night. I had a wonderful time drawing out the characters and giving them little personalities. I am delighted to see so much hard work become a reality. I hope you will go out and find yourself a copy to share with your family. The website is up and ready for you to get your own book. Also, there are a few copies at our local Chico Lyons Books. So, a big thank you to Stacy and her story for making this awesome project come together!

Here are some links for you to get your own copy:
Etsy - NEW - Get one now!
Lyons Books, Chico CA
Sugar Bugz Book - Facebook Page
Google Books - Reviews
Twitter- Stacy Piper and the Sugar Bugz
Barnes and Noble- coming soon...