Print Day at 3 Fish Studio in San Francisco

3 Fish Studio in San Francisco
Me inking my linoleum.
In October a couple friends and I traveled to San Francisco for a saturday printmaking class at 3 Fish Studio. Eric Rewitzer and his wife Annie, run their beautiful studio in the sunset area in the city. I had talked with them at their booth at the Renegade Craft Fair this summer and became interested in the linoleum cut process using a print press. They told me they hold classes in the studio and I intended to round up some friends and take advantage of the opportunity. During an entire Saturday, we carved our linoleum, learned some carving and inking techniques, and printed a run of prints on some beautiful BFK paper. It was very creative and informative and a great day in a beautiful spot.
Eric showing Sam the proper way to cut linoleum.
Our sketches and transfer paper.
my linoleum wrapped in transfer paper and my sketch on top.
Sketch transfered onto linoleum.
Let the carving begin!
Eric helps me place paper for chine-collé
Me, inking up my plate
Prints on the drying rack.
Final Print! Email me if you want to buy a print. Limited print run of 12 prints!