Lori Escape

April 1st marks the beginning of a new adventure in my life. (Really it's not an April fools joke!) I have quit my day job. I will be pursuing personal creative projects I've put on hold and other freelance endeavors as they come. I was feeling burnt out at work and life has been going by so fast that I haven't had a second to stop and just be. the beginning of the year always feels rocky to me when I contemplate the future and what I've done this far. And this year I decided I really need to get out and live, get into my art completly, and really become the best I can be. It's really scary to up and quit a stable job that didn't want me to go, but I'm confident I'll be great somehow! It's this floating orb of hope that I can almost reach out and grasp! I feel it! So this marks my new beginning. Cheers to taking in the world and really becoming my art. This is my first drawing during my so called Lori Escape. Enjoy!

My triptych pencil drawing illustrating feelings after quitting my job.