Stone carving in Scotland

I planned an exciting trip abroad in 2014 and somehow neglected to post anything I did there! My main intent was to join this stone carving vacation in Peebles, Scotland. I found this art escape online through Wild at Art Scotland. Since I was going to be in Europe for a week, I thought, why not extend the trip? So, I invited my brother and his girlfriend and we traveled north from Italy. They went home in Amsterdam and I continued on to my main destination. Here are a few pics of my carved stone. I did not actually finish, so that means my sculpture await me in SCOTLAND. I must go back. :)

Final sculptures from the class, Me (center), Ellen (right) and classmate

I believe this is how much I got done in a week.

Susheila (right) and her husband (left) and me and Don? lol I forget- having a beautiful lunch in the yard. Peebles, Scotland

Chiseling away.