Do You Want This For Christmas?

I decided to offer some unique LORIESQUE gifts this year. And after painting myself a set of pillow cases for my couch I thought I'd offer the same gift idea to you! Currently, I'm going to offer 8 colors. It might backfire when I get my pillow cases in and I run out of inventory or something, but please be patient. I am literally going to paint each one, so don't order like, more than 4 at a time.

I estimate I can ship them by December 1st or 5th to get them to you by Christmas. If not, Happy New Year Gift!

Some cool options: Different color cases, Red, orange, lime green, beige and grey.
White paint for an inverse look: Royal blue and black only.
And White pillow cases with different colored trees.
And the SURPRISE option: Pick a theme, fantasy creature, animal, face, insect, monster, or REALLY MAKE IT A SURPRISE. You won't know until you open it on Christmas. A true gift.

Merry Holiday!