Boys and Girls Club Mural: Finished

This is the mural I designed that Fifth Sun donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, Ca. We are the mural artists of Fifth Sun: Jed Speer, Karen Reidler, Jay Butel, Darrell Evans, Jeremy Taylor, Dawn Branthaver and her daughter Sierra, Amanda Robinson, and Erik Vikner. I got to paint with these amazing artist coworkers. We started painting the mural in November with a finish date of early December for the holiday party, but the rains came and life and stuff, but finally, halfway through February, we're declaring it done!

At the beginning, a few artists met with the kids at Boys and Girls Club and they described their ideas: night to day, silhouettes, and words to incorporate in the tree. My concept was chosen for the final mural. Paint was donated by Sherwin Williams. To paint this big mural we gridded out every 8 feet or so, but in the end actually just mostly freehanded it. I had a blast and fulfilled a resolution to paint a mural in town. Maybe there might be more in the works.

Here are some in progress shots in the Chico ER during the week of 21-7-2015 This one, this one, and pictures 39-54.

Final Day of Painting Saturday, Feb 13th, 2016