Fetch in Stopmotion

My upcoming film will launch soon
-----------PROJECT UPDATE-----------
Due to having grander ideas than my abilities warrant, this project is currently on hold. Don't worry, I still intend on making it. I just may need a little help :) Please see the Monsters series being posted on all social media! And please consider joining my Patreon.

I am currently working on a stop-motion film I hope to come out in October, ready for halloween. I've had this story on my mind for almost two years now, but hadn't had the ending just right. I enlisted some storyline help on a cool site utilizing trade as a resource, instead of monetary gain: Simbi.com The story is in it's final stages as well as the set.

Also, this is the first time I'll be actually storyboarding an animated short. It's a great way to outline the look and point of view and I feel like I can tackle different parts, rather than all at once, then piece it together.

The story behind Colton the dog, is funny, because it is based off of a couple dogs, one namely being my brother's german shepherd, Cash and another actually named Colton at an animal shelter that I fell in love with but was unable to adopt because someone else got to him first. I hope he has a happy family, and here he is in clay as a tribute. My own little clay made dog.

That's the backstory on my creativity. I learned as an artist to create what I know. As a starting point, my life and my experiences will always influence what I want to say, and I can build off of that from there. It's a simple concept, yet often I forget when I want to get grandiose. Beginning at the heart of myself and branching out is completely the way to go.

Another theme I notice in my work is the social media and smart phone etiquette and usage in my daily life. How it affects myself and others around me, these little glowing screens we carry around with our lives inside. I like to explore the idea that it consumes us, and everything around us, and how great it is to stop and look around once in a while.

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