Questions You Might Have

Loriesque Studio

I created this story/page -using a new page creator through Adobe Spark- with a myriad of Q&A's detailing what I am currently working on, how you can see what it looks like, where I post online, and how you can be a part of it. It's essentially an all encompassing page of my online presence. If I was feeling overwhelmed, I can imagine you wondering where the heck I post what's new, if you aren't seeing it.
So, Spark really made this happen. This isn't a comercial for Spark, I swear, but I was about to whip out some old css skills and hack together an html page and upload it to my domain, which would've been fine, but taken longer to jimmy-rig, plus I wanted one of those new drag and drop amazing looking web design in seconds thingy-mo-bobs.
Long story/short: check it out!