2021 Loriesque Studio News

 Howdy, Hello!

No doubt you are checking out who I am and what I do... so welcome to this ancient website I keep alive year after year just to remember where all my links are! Links are at the bottom, the right, below, everywhere. It's like it's still the year 2006 here. Also read on for my 2020/2021 Covid updates!

I predominantly use Instagram these days, follow me there for the newest of the new.

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HEY! I also have a Kofi Shop where I am selling art and commissions. COMMISSIONS? Yes! Weird blind contour portraits, pet portraits and CUSTOM SKETCHBOOKS (get it while it's hot or not). Those are the new, real fun items: hand-made bookbinding with 98% recycled materials by yours truly, Lori Escobar. Plus, it's made with pure love.

Kofi Page /loriesquestudio

2020 in a Nutshell

WELL...2020 was sort of a wash of a year, don't 'cha think? But let's explore it. I did participate in Inktober 2020 however, using many different Artober and Drawtober instagram October drawing prompts. There were so many great ideas from other artists I even made a spreadsheet of my favorites for the 30 days and hashtags to credit them all! I'm nerdy like that. Here's the highlights. 

Inktober/ Artober 2020

2020 also invited more time for me to take a new class to update my current skillset in digital painting. I completed the Paintable's One-Week_Portrait Challenge with a portrait of myself. I actually WON a spot in the academy class Illustration From Imagination and got to paint and learn from the wonderful self-taught digital artist David Belliveau. I learned a lot, made a poster and actually applied some of this new knowledge at my current job. There's always new things to learn! I was very grateful for that opportunity during an otherwise scary, and uncertain time of the year. All in all, it kept me busy and my mind off of the world circumstances.
Digital Me painting stages

The class went over thumbnail drawing, color blocking, shading, light sources, texture, brushes, photobashing (it means to use photography texture as a shortcut) and final touches. Here's some stages of my Alice in Wonderland poster process from the class:
Alice in Wonderland Paintable Academy Project

I also went on local vacations with close friends, lake kayaking, camping, and hiking. Lot's of outdoor adventures, until roughly the end of August when fire season began. Then I decided to move down the street to a bigger place. I also played many hours of the SIMS. Of course I created myself and my house and made my artistic attributes maxed out. Sim-life in quarantine was a bit more social than real life. It was better than binging all of Netflix.  So upon looking at last year's photos I can see I did do a lot in the year that was considered on hold. Life doesn't go on hold, we are still living every day even if we were on lock down, or couldn't see family. GOOD NEWS...Finally, in 2021 I will be seeing my parents again after more than a year of being unable to. So cherish your family and every day. Make lovely art and be awesome!

My life as a Sim resembling my real life.


There was this Bernie Sitting Wearing Mittens thing that happened early this year and I made a bunch of prints from my drawing of him as my Half-Blind-Contour portraits style. It was so funny and still exists on Society6 if you want one check out Bernie Sitting Prints Be sure to buy a Bernie Clock!
Bernie Sitting by Loriesque

Have a wonderful year and hit me up on the socials.

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